“After one year of not going to a chiropractor I chose to look for another doctor that would fit and understand my needs for my skeletal and hip issues without trying to intimidate me to come in more times than necessary, thank you Dr Smarch for making feel better again, I always look forward to getting adjusted!”
Nita L.

“AI started going to Allentown Chiropractic Center due to a Motor Cycle incident that happened 2 years ago which caused constant lower back pain. I thought it was something I would have to live with the rest of my life. Dr. Smarch took the time to understand what happened and why I decided to try a chiropractor. He walked me through the process and after the first visit, my pain had diminished. I have been there for repeated therapy and the back pain in the lower back area is gone. Another incident happened about 10 years ago where I injured my middle back lifting an Air Conditioner and have been living with that pain ever since. On the 8th visit to his office, he had brought my spine to the point where that part of my back finally went into its proper alignment and snapped back into place. For the first time in all of those years my shoulders lined up square with my spine and I was completely out of pain. I consider myself very fortunate that he is my doctor because of everything he has done for me. All I can tell you is that if you have back pain, go to meet Doctor Patrick Smarch because he is excellent at what he does and he will give you honest answers to your questions. Chiropractic care will give you relief and as your spine is aligned and trained to stay in place through the therapy, you will feel better, sleep better, have better posture and health. Do yourself a favor and stop living with the pain and start enjoying life again. Your family and friends will thank you for it! ”
David S.

“Best in the valley two best doctors I ever had ”

“Dr. Kulik and Dr. Smarch are both very good and nice. I always feel 3 inches taller when I walk out of there. ”
Amanda G.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Great staff and great service!!! ”
Lynda H.